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Peter Spoden, night fighter against Royal Airforce during WWII, after the war trained and became Captain on DC 3 (Dakota's), after which followed the four engined Lockheed Super Costellation. The ensuing years saw Captain Spoden accomplished 10 years on Boeing 707's and later 11 years on Boeing 747's. At the same time he trained hundreds of commercial pilots and so doing has contributed conciderably to the present security/safety standards of the German national carrier "Lufthansa". His memory is based on documented fact alone.
He, using diaries, Flight book's (logbook's), relative documents and privately taken photographs wrote down his thoughts on pre- and war time Germany for his grandchildren.
I 1921 My family's roots, and how I learned to fly
II 1923 The Occupation of the Ruhr and Hitler's seizure of Power
III 1938 The Essen Synagogue burns. My schooldays
IV 1940 Summer 1940: the war passes me by
V 1940/41 My time as a recruit. 1st Air Training Battalion, No. 16, Schleswig
VI 1941 Air Warfare School LKS 4, Fürstenfeldbrück, Upper Bavaria
VII 1942 C-Schule 17, Pütnitz in Pomerania: Blind-Flying School, Copenhagen
VIII 1943 Night-fighter training and a parachute jump from a Messerschmitt 109
IX 25.July 1943 With my operational unit. The RAF attack on Hamburg
X 18.Aug.1943 The RAF Attack on Berlin and Peenemünde. My first victory
XI 23.Aug.1943 A Berlin Raid: Escape by Parachute
XII 1943 Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering visits the Night Fighters
XIII 1944 Night Fighters versus four-engined Flying Fortresses by day
XIV 28.April 1944 I nearly land in Switzerland: OberLeutnant Johnen does so
XV 1944 As a Night Fighter in Hungary: Battles with Partisans
XVI 4.Dec.1944 The area-bombing of German Towns
XVII 27.Dec.1944 The Ardennes Offensive. Shot down by German Flak
XVIII 1945 Chaos in Germany
IXX 29.April 1945 Oberschleissheim Airfield. Ground fighting. Taken prisoner

English version:
The Story of a Luftwaffe
Night-Fighter Pilot
Paperback: 162 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;
3 edition (June 2, 2014)
Language: English

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ISBN-10: 1499647107
ISBN-13: 978-1499647105


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