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Reviewer: Martin Bull from London United Kingdom:
This remarkable memoir was originally written by a thoughtful and intelligent man in an attempt to clarify 'how it was' to his grand-children.
In tone, the only book which comes to mind in similarity is Miles Tripp's classic 'The Eighth Passenger'. Herr Spoden's reflections on the rise of Nazism, night-fighting and the collapse of Germany make for engrossing reading - his anecdote about being personally awarded the Iron Cross First Class by Goering is especially enjoyable.
Personal memoirs from German Night-fighter 'aces' are very few and far between. This book is an absolute bargain at the price and should be on every serious Bomber Command bookshelf.

Remark about the book from P.K-P in UK:
Of course I already have my own copy of "Enemy In The Dark"!
I very much enjoyed reading it - thank you for taking the time to put pen to paper, if everyone read it and understood it - there would be no more war and killing.

Readers review by H.O. from NL:
I received your book this weekend. I started reading immediately and I have to admit that it "got" me. In my opinion you did a marvellous job by writing this book in order to inform future generations about the terrors of war. You mentioned Boris Pasternak's statement; this "got" me even more. In this point of view your book is of even greater value !

e-mail from Dr.B. NL:
My warmest congratulations for your English translation and publication of your fine book – I do wish it a wide readers circle in the English speaking world, as it is an honest and accurate account of your experiences as a nightfighter in WWII, and one of the best autobiographical stories from Nachtjagd that I ever read!

e-mail from B.W. UK:
Many thanks for your excellent book „Enemy In The Dark“. My father John, an RAF B-17 pilot now 83yrs read it also. We both found it enjoyable and most interesting.

e-mail from C.H. Florida US:
I recieved my copy of „Enemy In The Dark“ Monday morning, and now, Tuesday noon I have completed reading it. Thank you for a presentation that moved me emotionally in a way that all of other tales of air combat have not. I have read many books on the Nachtjagd, Luftwaffe, RAF and American 8th Air Force. I literally was moved to tears by some of the events you described.

e-mail from J.M. former RAF in WWII,
Have just got your book through the internet. I am half way through it and so far it is one of the best one I have read.Your time in the beginning reminded me of mine, the drill NCO’s must be all come from the same school.




English version:
The Story of a Luftwaffe
Night-Fighter Pilot
Paperback: 162 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;
3 edition (June 2, 2014)
Language: English

available at amazon

ISBN-10: 1499647107
ISBN-13: 978-1499647105